What is this?

This is a project to distribute income from people who have excess to those that don't, with little to nothing expected in return.

We're based on the site Liberapay and operate there to distribute funds, but are not affiliated with them.

We also have a Discord server that we use to communicate and organize.

How do I get help?

Step one:
Make sure you have a Paypal and or Stripe account. Either is okay! You don't need both if you don't want both. If you don't have an account on either service, you can register for free at the links provided.

Step two:
If you don't have one already, make a Liberapay account, and fill out any relevant information you will need to ensure you can get paid. This includes a Paypal and or Stripe account, and some personal information Liberapay will need to verify your identity.

Step three:
Join the Discord, if you would like to participate! In the event that any bad actors take advantage of the group or break agreed upon group rules, we will need to submit evidence to Liberapay that the majority of the group agrees they should be removed. We'll also have fun stuff here, of course.

Step four:
Contact Babbage for an invite into the Liberapay group! You can email them, DM them on Mastodon, or DM them on Discord (Bab#2105).

If you have any difficulties at all you can contact Babbage for this too! You can also join the Discord server and ask for help there. We don't bite, we promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liberapay?
Liberapay is a free-to-use platform for the purposes of making recurring donations. It's like Patreon in that the payments are reoccurring, but there are no tiers or anything you get as a return. The amount of money that goes in and out to each individual and team is also much more transparent.

What information am I going to need to get started?
You're going to need your legal name, address, social security number (or SSN), a passport / ID card / driver's license, an email address, and a phone number. You don't need to submit this info to us (please don't, actually!), but you will need it to sign up and be able to use your Liberapay, Paypal, and or Stripe accounts.

Are there any fees involved?
As quoted on Liberapay's site: The fees vary by payment processor, payment method, countries and currencies. The average is expected to be below 5% in all cases. In any case, they tend to be a bit higher if any currency conversions are involved.

Are these donations tax-deductible?
Probably not. You should check the tax rules of your country and or state.

Will I need to file taxes on my income from Liberapay?
This varies on a case-by-case basis. Please check the tax rules of your country and or state!

I have more questions about Liberapay.
Please check their site!

Do I need to follow any rules to get money?
"Don't be a nazi" and "don't be a dick" is the best advice I have thus far. When the community is more established we'll be suggesting and voting on rules in the community Discord. This page will be updated to reflect that when it happens.

Are you affiliated with [Paypal, Liberapay, Stripe, other organization]?

Why are you doing this?
Communism, probably. More seriously, it's because people exist and some people are poorer than others, and this is a way of getting money to those that need it. If you don't like that people care about each other, you should probably leave this page.

Is there anything else I should know?
Yes, actually! Liberapay doesn't store funds like they did previously with their "wallet" function, and funds are actually paid out the moment they're donated. Paypal doesn't split the funds evenly, so they go to whoever has the smallest balance than they should have in this case. This is kind of a big pain in the butt if you have less donors than donees, which is very true for thhis project at the moment. :(

My question wasn't answered!
Please contact Babbage! You can email them, DM them on Mastodon, or DM them on Discord (Bab#2105). You can also join Income_Redistro's Discord server here to ask your question.

Can I do anything else?

Yes, you can!

Share this website with your friends, family, and co-workers.

You can also share the link to our Liberapay!